Please note that there are no summer dance classes offered in Sturgeon Bay 

KINDERDANCE - Ages 3-5 (Sturgeon Bay)

Tap & Ballet - In this class, your child will enjoy learning rhythm, movement, and beginning dance skills in ballet and tap.  Basic dance steps, dance styles, and kinesthetic awareness will be taught through highly interactive activities and short skill building routines.  Students will need tap and ballet shoes.

PRESCHOOL DANCE - Ages 3 to 4 (Northern Door)
Your preschooler will enjoy creative movements and learn basic skills in both ballet and tap in this entry level dance class.  Simple dance steps, dance games, rhythm and beat will be taught.  Tap and ballet shoes required.

YOUTH DANCE 1 - Kindergarten & Grade 1 (Northern Door)
Ballet and tap class that will challenge the continuing dancer as well as introduce the new student to the world of dance.  Movement, rhythm and dance basics.  Before purchasing shoes, check out our FREE bin of gently used tap and/or ballet shoes.

YOUTH DANCE 1 - Grades 2 & 3 (Sturgeon Bay)
Tap & Ballet - This ballet and tap class will challenge and excite your child with rhythm and dance activities along with creative dance routines to help them improve their dancing abilities.  Skills and techniques to enhanced their knowledge of dancing fundamentals will be part of each class. Students will need tap and ballet shoes.

YOUTH DANCE 2 - Grades 2 & 3 (Northern Door)
Ballet and tap class for the continuing dancer.  A great class to learn dance technique and explore movement.  Before purchasing shoes, check out our FREE bin of gently used tap and/or ballet shoes.

YOUTH DANCE 2 - Ages 9 to 12 (Sturgeon Bay)
Tap & Jazz - A more advanced class for the continuing dancer.  Student will learn advanced technique, step combinations, traditional rhythms and creative movements along with dance routines set to music.  Tap shoes are required for the tap portion of the class, while jazz shoes, ballet slippers, or dance sneakers are appropriate for the jazz portion.

YOUTH DANCE 3 - Grades 4 & Up (Northern Door)
Youth with dance experience will enjoy this class which incorporates Tap, Jazz and Ballet styles of dance.  See instructor to determine placement for your dancer.  Tap and ballet shoes required.  Before purchasing shoes, check out our FREE bin of gently used tap and/or ballet shoes.

SWING, SALSA & MORE - Ages 16 & Up (Sturgeon Bay)
Come out and dance!  Learn a series of partner turns, add a few different basic steps, and you will have the foundations in this NEW class to dance Salsa, East Coast Swing, Merengue, Cajun and Zydeco.  Based on class interest and adding even more fun, we may also do some Contra Dancing, International Dance, Tango and maybe even throw in an Irish Jig!  This class will be very eclectic and feature a wide variety of music.  While most of the dances are partner danced, you do not need to sign up with a partner.  Beginners are welcome.

 TEEN JAZZ HIP/HOP - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
Learn modern jazz and hip/hop techniques as well as funky styles of dance in this fun class for the intermediate dancer.  Leotard, tights, and jazz shoes recommended. 

TAP (Entry Level 1) - Ages 14+ (Northern Door)
Get a great workout while learning how to tap in this beginning level class.  Tap is a great way to develop muscle coordination, poise, grace and self-confidence.  See instructor for shoe requirements. 

TAP (Adult Level 2 Open Studio) - Ages 14+ (Northern Door)
Enjoy the fun and exercise of mind and body in tap class! By instructor recommendation only.  Little Girls

ADULT BALLET - Ages 14+ (Northern Door)
Adults with or without prior ballet experience are welcome.  Exercises will be modified based upon each participant's background.  A majority of class time will be focused on barre work, with an emphasis on the foundational movements of classical ballet.  The key objectives will be to increase flexibility, range of motion and musicality/expressiveness.  Small amounts of ballet terminology and history will be included as time permits. 

BELLY BASICS - Ages 14+ (Northern Door)
This fitness class will focus on strengthening the abs and other core muscles utilizing the foundation movements applied to Middle Eastern Dance.