Emily's YMCA Story

Emily's StoryIn Emily’s words, “The Y has been a safe haven and refuge for me from the worldy challenges I’ve faced.”  Emily is a busy mother of three active boys at the ages of 8, 4 and 1 year (pictured on the right).  She has been a member of the Door County YMCA with her family for many years and throughout this time has gone through more trials and tribulations in her mid 30s than most people do in a lifetime.  From the Leukemia diagnosis of her oldest son, who is currently healthy in remission, to the loss of a child to a rare disease at birth, to her marriage recently dissolving, Emily has had her fair share of challenges.

Despite all of this, Emily is one of the most upbeat and positive people that you could ever meet.  She always greets people in the hallways at the YMCA with a smile and a hello, no matter how many little boys she has dangling from her arms.  Though we could go on about our admiration for Emily’s strength and perseverance in times of adversity and how the YMCA has helped her through this, it is best in her own words...

“The YMCA means a lot to me.  Just hearing the name...my eyes brighten!  It has become a safe haven or refuge to me from the worldy challenges I’ve faced.  The wonderful friends and people I’ve met throughout the Y, have given me a tremendous amount of encouragement and support.  I am so thankful for the opportunity the Y’s scholarship program has given my boys and me to participate in classes and use the facility.  I believe the YMCA has helped impart life long skills and healthy habits to myself and my children.  We look forward to our frequent visits and the camaraderie and fun we have.  The Y is a “normalcy” or constant in our lives where things aren’t always normal or constant.  It is a place to go and feel good knowing that I’m making healthy choices for my body and mind.  Despite what bumps I’ve traveled and will travel on my road of life, I have SO much to be thankful for and the YMCA is one of them!”

Emily’s sons have enjoyed participating in almost every type of program the YMCA offers including swimming, soccer, basketball and preschool classes.  Emily, herself, is a regular in a wide range of fitness classes.  Beyond classes, on the weekend it is not unusual to see them all playing in the Family Prime Time Center with other families just blowing off some young boy energy.  It is clear as we see Emily at the YMCA day after day, that the YMCA is fulfilling it’s mission by providing her the opportunity to have a healthy mind, body and spirit.