Fitness Services

Learn how to use our cardio and strength training equipment for FREE as a YMCA member. Medical studies show that adding strength training to an exercise regimen helps to build bone mass, increase metabolism and improve cardiovascular health.  Our caring staff can show you safe and effective ways of incorporating strength training into your workout routine.  We have a variety of resistance and strength training equipment to work out and tone every major muscle group.  Members, sign up for your orientation at the Welcome Center. 

Stop by the Social Lounge at the Sturgeon Bay Program Center to have your blood pressure checked by a technician from the Public Health Department Tuesdays at 8:00am.  It's a FREE member service.  Or, if you cannot come on Tuesday morning, for your convenience, you can use our self administered digital blood pressure cuff.  You may check out the cuff at the Welcome Center and take your own reading in the back office at anytime that is convenient for you. 
Remember a few good pointers:
-Take your blood pressure at the same time every day.
-Rest 5 minutes before taking your blood pressure.
-Relax for 5 minutes between readings

Do you have a fitness-related question? Maybe what type of diet is best to meet my sports-related nutritional needs?  Or, my knee hurts...what can I do to strengthen it?  Or, my back has weakened over the years...what exercises can I do to strengthen it OR should I avoid exercise?  We can help!
Door County Memorial Hospital/Ministry Health Care and the Door County YMCA have collaborated to offer athletic trainer consultations with Tina Koyen, Licensed Athletic Trainer in the Rehab Services department of DCMH.  Tina is available (by appointment) every Tuesday at 11:00 am in Sturgeon Bay and the second and fourth Wednesday of the month in Northern Door to duscuss options for YMCA members with questions about injuries and other rehabilitation issues.  Visit the Welcome Center to learn more or to schedule your 15 minute appointment!  This consultation is FREE for members and is available at the Sturgeon Bay and Northern Door Program Centers.  Call to make an appointment.

Take charge of your fitness program by completing a body composition test.  Determine your current body fat percentage and learn how it relates to your risk level for heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions.  Our Fitness Specialists are available for your evaluation by appointment.
YMCA Members:  $11.00         Public:  $18.00  

A good start to any fitness program is a thorough assessment of your current fitness level . By establishing your baseline fitness measurements, you will be able to track your progress and select your exercise accordingly.  Your personalized evaluation will include:

  • Blood Pressure 

  • Resting Heart Rate 

  • Body Composition 

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Muscular Strength

  • Muscle Endurance

  • Flexibility
Your Fitness Specialist can recommend activities and exercises to improve your fitness level and optimize your workouts.  Held at the Sturgeon Bay Program Center.
YMCA Members: $25.00      Public:  $45.00


Free advice and coaching is available for you in the Lifestyle Center most weekday mornings and evenings.  Come and visit with our trained staff who are available to listen and help you learn about the various pieces of exercise equipment.  Schedules are available in the Lifestyle Center and at the Welcome Center. For more customized coaching options see our personal training offerings.