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Fun Cycle Class

ULTIMATE FIT CLUB - Ages 16+ (Sturgeon Bay)

Designed as the ultimate fitness test. Participants will be challenged throughout each circuit using the most modern equipment for strength and endurance training. Speed, agility, muscular strength/endurance and mental tenacity will be improved. Try the Ultimate Challenge! 

KETTLEBELL CLASS - Ages 15+ (Sturgeon Bay)

Imagine a cannon ball with a handle on it...Considered by most fitness experts to be the best overall body workout, kettlebell class will develop strength, balance, power, and explosive force. Also, it is considered the best class for developing and increasing lower back strength - even for those with lower back pain. 


20-20-20 - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)

The class consists of 20 minutes of easy to follow aerobics, 20 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of balance, yoga, stretching and relaxation.  This class is led by Liz Heller with 30 years experience as a Health and Fitness Director and Personal Trainer.

20-20-20M - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
The class consists of 20 minutes of easy to follow aerobics, 20 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of balance, yoga, stretching and relaxation.  This NEW class focuses more on flexibility and is geared more towards males, but all are welcome.

ABS & BUNS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Get a great core workout in just 30 minutes! Tone and strengthen with emphasis on working your abdominal and gluteal muscles.

CARDIO KICKBOXING - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Come give this great program a try! A total body workout from head to toe, for any fitness level.  Great for men and women.  Don't forget your water bottle and towel.

CIRCUIT CLASS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Try this aerobic and strengthening class for a new twist.  Using various equipment and exercises to make this a great change to your routine and help jump start your metabolism!  Adjustable to your level of fitness.

CIRCUIT CLASS - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
Our instructors will put you through your paces in this diverse new class.  Activities will be done in 1 minute intervals.  You get to choose how hard you work. A variety of equipment such as tubing, stability balls, step, the track, and weights will be used for this exciting new class.

CONTROLLED IMPACT AEROBICS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Fun, easy to follow aerobic, muscle, endurance and conditioning class for all levels with low impact moves.

CYCLE CLASS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Don't bother bringing reading material!  This class is a great workout for all fitness levels.  An exciting, motivational, stationary cycling program.  Instructor takes the class on an inspirational ride using music and cues to mirror a road ride experience.

CYCLE-PEDAL & PUMP - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Add a bit of strength training to your aerobic workout.  This class will begin with a full hour of cardio on the cycle, followed up with sculpting exercises to complete your workout.  Don't forget to eat your Wheaties!

CYCLE-POWER CYCLE CLASS - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
This cycling class is designed for cyclists who are advanced or training for racing.

CYCLE-RIDE & RELAX - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Try out our new combo class, the best of both worlds!  Half of the hour will give you a great, low impact cardio workout followed by some terrific yoga stretches to help with your strength and flexibility. 

EXPRESS STEP - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Not much time on your hands? Come spend 30 minutes with us to help jumpstart your early evening with a great cardio workout!  To complete your routine, sign-up for the Abs/Buns class that immediately follows. 

FIT 45 - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
When 45 minutes is all you have to tone up!  Varied exercises and equipment used for functional strengthening of your entire body.  May include cardio and/or strength (swiss ball, dumbells, medicine ball, or a surprise.)   

The Door Conty YMCA is pleased to partner with Door County Memorial Hospital/Ministry Health Care to bring this important wellness program to our community.  This collaborative effort between Door County Memorial Hospital/Ministry Health Care and the YMCA will make a positive difference in the lives of individuals throughout the county.  Door-Weigh to Family Health is a multi-disciplinary plan that gives parent and children a sound approach to lifetime weight management.  Each week, parents and kids together will practice ways to increase daily activity and set...achievable eating exercise goals.  Children learn exercises designed for their weight levels, and families get a chance to enjoy menu plans with nutritious kid-tested recipes.  The program is designed for busy families in mind.  Parents will learn positive ways to coach children to make healhier lifestyle choices.  REQUIREMENTS:  Ages 6 through 18 with a weight or BMI (body mass index) over the 95th percentile, parent attendance at meetings, active family involvement, read assignments every week and a doctor's referral is preferred.

New participants are always welcome.  The meeting format includes sharing experiences, sharing information, discussion, and speakers with expertise and experience working in nutrition, therapies, exercise, alternative relief information, and medical personnel on occasion.  Books, magazines, web-site information is also discussed.  The group determines the direction of discussion and speakers.  Personal contact information is not shared with other organizations, and what is said in the meeting stays in the meeting.  The group is facilitator led.  Contact Mary Heimann at 868-3660 for more information.

FIT FOR LIFE - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
A great cardio and strength class.  Participants run stairs, do step-ups, and lots of aerobic and floor work.

FLEX POWER - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
It's time to get pumped!  Flex Power is the weighted workout using barbells with a variety of weights that is set to motivational music.  You'll strengthen, tone and define every major  muscle group for a satisfying workout.  Flex Power is ideal for all fitness levels - you determine how hard you want to work by choosing the appropriate weights.  Abdominal and stretching included.

GET ON THE BALL CORE - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Improve body alignment, muscular strength and endurance.  Target your core (abs, back, glutes) with a variety of exercises performed on the stability ball.

GET ON THE BALL STRETCH - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
Use the stability ball to do strength and stretching exercises, giving you an extraordinary workout on the ball...go to the Cycle Class just before this class and get an aerobic workout as well.

HEALTHY CHOICE - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Fun, easy to follow aerobic, muscle, endurance and conditioning class for all levels.

Led by Judi Sowl, Registered Dietition and YMCA fitness Staff Personal Trainer.  This 8-week program is designed to help adults develop a healthy life-long eating along with an activity plan.  Learn about healthy eating for a healthy weight, physical activity , basic nutrition, menu planning, shopping, eating out and much more.  Weekly meeting will include a weigh-in, a learning session, and a physical activity segment.  Included with the program is a 3-ring binder with weekly lessons, food and activity journals and other tools to help you make healthy habits a way of life.

LEKI POLES - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)Senior Exercise
Leki Poles Walking is regular walking made up to 40% more effective by the use of specifically designed hand held Leki walking poles.  With the correct technique, you can burn up to 40% more calories, reduce stress on your joints, and strengthen your body!  Poles available for checkout at the Welcome Center!

MEDICINE BALL POWER/ABS & BUNS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Try our newest cardio workout.  Using a weight resistant ball, our instructor will lead you through progressive cardio moves, with sculpting and standing toning.  This class will challenge both your balance and strength.

OSTEOFIT - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
The Door County YMCA and Door County Memorial Hospital unite to form an "Osteofit" program for women who have a diagnosis of osteopenia and oteoporosis.  Participants will engage in a holistic approach to bone health, which will include presentatiions from a range of medical disciplines.  Participants will also be instructed on how to use exercise equipment, and will improve balance, stretching and learn postural exercises, along with lower abdominal strength and educational modules.

SENIOR STRENGTH - Ages 50+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern)
It's never too late to start weight training.  The instructor will help you focus on muscular strength, balance and increased mobility.  A great program for those age 50 and older.

SILVER SNEAKERS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills.  Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

STEP ORIENTATION - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
If you are hesitant to join a step class because you have never tried it before and you feel a little intimidated, we can help you get started from square one!  Meet with one of our step instructors outside of class to learn the basics so you can walk into any of our step classes with a little experience!  Contact the YMCA for more information - free for YMCA Members!

STEP CLASS - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Step classes are a great way to add aerobic conditioning to your workout!  By using the motion of stepping up and down, you can vary the intensity of your workout by adjusting the platfrom height and by adding more power or propulsion.  Challenge yourself with our fun, high energy workout.

STEP PLUS - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
A fast paced, complete aerobic workout with step and other fitness elements.  The class offers the highest level of intensity, including more complicated choreography.

STRETCH/STRENGTHEN - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
Come and enjoy an easy stretch class that includes a short general warm-up followed by stretching exercises and relaxation to help you wind down and deal with the stress of your day. A feel good class that will help you mellow out and enjoy your evening. 

WALKING PROGRAM - Ages 65+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
For Senior Citizens Only.  Stay active using the YMCAs indoor track (raised track in Sturgeon Bay, around the perimeter of the gym in Fish Creek) - stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer (runs through registration week)!

WOMEN ON WEIGHTS (WOW) - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
A certified YMCA personal trainer will guide you through a great workout geared just for you!  Choose from Level 1, Level 2 (more advanced) or a combined Leve 1 & 2 class.  Weights and/or aerobic equipment used.  Enjoy the opportunity to have your trainer assist you for 8 weeks.  Keep your lifting techniques in top form.  Class includes abdominal and flexibility work.  Class sizes are limited.

ZUMBA - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Zumba combines high energy and motiviating music with unique moves and combinations that allows the zumba participant to dance away their worries.  Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system!  The routine features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

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