Martial Arts BoyMARTIAL ARTS MOVEMENT - Ages 4-7 (Sturgeon Bay)
Students will learn balance, strength, flexibility, teamwork, large motor skills, safety and basic martial art techniques.  Led by Cassie Hitzman. 

DANZAN RYU JU JITSU - Ages 12+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Ju Jitsu is an art of self-defense.  Ju Jitsu is often called the soft art but there is nothing gentle about it when it comes to self-defense.  The term soft refers to the fluidity and pliancy that capitalizes on the opponents movement.  Students of this art will work to gain understanding in the principles of blending, energy manipulation, avoiding injury, disrupting balance and efficiency in movement.  Led by Don Eytcheson.

GOJU-RYU JAPANESE KARATE - Ages 9+ (Northern Door)
The literal translation of the Japanese term Goju is "hard/soft".  The basic idea of the hard and soft style is using a soft blocking technique to block a hard stroke or to deflect the strike rather than with force.  The class is instructed by Shihan Shaun Koulias who holds a 5th degree blackbelt in Goju Rye Karate, 4th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and a 5th degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do, and is a Branch Dojo with over 40 years of experience in the fighting arts, under Hanshi Kevin McGrath, 9th degree black belt of NY.  All white belts are welcome, no experience necessary.  Uniform required; ask a the Welcome Center to find out how to purchase one.

Practical and realistic self-defense training for all ages.  Training will be based on gender
and age of participants.  Simply register and pay for private or group lessons (must sign up with a minimum of 3 participants for group lessons), and you will be contactd by Kim to schedule your lessons at a time that is convenient for you, the YMCA and our staff.  Led by Kim Englebert.

Martial Arts GirlTAE KWON DO BASICS: BEGINNER TKD - Ages 8+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Students will be taught the basic TKD skills necessary to participate in the Traditional TKD class.  There are 30 skills divided into 9 catagories: kicks, strikes, blocks, forms, floor work, mat work, board breaks, movements and self defense course.  All 30 skills must be passed to promote to Traditional TKD.  Price now includeds star fees.  Led by Kim Englebert.  Uniform/belt required.

TAE KWON DO: TRADITIONAL - Ages 8 thru 12 with teens/adults welcome too (Sturgeon Bay)
For all students who have passed the TKD Basics and all continuing students with a yellow through red belt.  Traditional TKD curriculum includes Taegeuk forms, sparring drills, self defense skills, basics, mat work, board breaking & character development.  Sparring gear required prior to testing for advanced yellow belts.  Sparring 2nd/4th class unless otherwise announced.  Students testing for advanced yellow belt are required to have sparring gear.  Test fees included.  Led by Kim Englebert.  Uniform required - order from instructor.

TAE KWON DO: BLACK BELT TRAINING - Ages 8 thru 12 (Sturgeon Bay)
All traditional TKD students who successfully promote to Black Belt Candidate and all current Black Belts will train in this class.  Class time will be spent on TKD/XMA physical conditioning and review of all previous learned TKD material.  Each student will be tested for Black Belt promotions at an individual pace.  Led by Kim Englebert.  Uniform required - order from instructor.

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