YOGA GIRLPILATES/YOGA - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
A combinaton of Pilates toning and Yoga stretching, this unique class integrates the core stability and posture awareness of Pilates matwork with the flexibility and strength of flow yoga.  The combination of these complimentary disciplines is an alternative and wonderful choice for overall health and wellness.

PILATES - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
Based on the exercises originally designed by Joseph Pilates, this is a highty effective conditioning method that works out your "power house" muscles - the abdominals, lower back, thighs and gluteals! Each movement emphasizes proper body alignment and breathing techniques.  You'll build strength, increase your flexibility, develop agility, improve your posture and deepen body awareness.

TAI CHI CHUAN- Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
This internal style of martial arts is a series of interconnected movements and postures executed slowly and reflectively.  Relax mind and body to improve posture, balance, flexibility, strength, breath, energy and circulation.  The Basic Principles are easily applied to your every day activities.

TAI CHI MOVEMENT - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
These movements have their origins in the martial arts, but are performed slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions between them.  A meditative exercise that fosters a calm, tranquil mind.

TAI CHI YANG STYLE SHORT FORM - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
For beginning students, you will learn the first third of the form. For continuing students, you will learn the second and third of the form. You must be able to do the first third of the form.

GENTLE YOGA (CHAIR) - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Students will improve their flexibility, strength and balance as they develop stronger back and abdominal muscles.  The exercises are performed in a safe, controlled manner and are modified for those working with injuries or physical limitations, using a chair as part of class.

BEGINNER YOGA  - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
If you have never tried Yoga before, this class is for you, no matter what your age or level of flexibility.  It will introduce you to the basic principles of yogic breathing and postures and begin to strengthen your mind and body.  Participants of Gentle Yoga may feel comfortable in this class.

YOGA 1 & 2 - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay & Northern Door)
The centuries old practice of Hatha Yoga has millions of devotees in America.  It offers mind-body exercise that develops balance, strength, flexibility and promotes confidence and sense of well-being.  Learn yoga postures, movements.  "Listen to your body, go at your own pace."  Beginners should start in Yoga 1 or Yoga 1&2.  Continuing practitioners may register for any level.

YOGA - ASHTANGA - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Join Kelli Torpey for the next level up...Ashtanga Yoga!  In this class you will perform a variety of Ashtanga and Vinyasa (flowing series of poses).  In addition, certain standing, seated and twisting Hatha poses will be explored on a deeper level.  The class will then conclude with mediation and relaxation, so join us to feel energized and relaxed in the same class. Prior experience of yoga is strongly preferred.

YOGA PRAISE MOVES - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Praise Moves is a fitness program which exercises us spiritually and mentally using the Bible as our text, as well as physically using stretching postures and gentle movement.  This class will move you physically to better health and flexibility while moving you spiritually to praise the Lord!

YOGA-SWASTHYA YOGA - Ages 13+ (Sturgeon Bay)
Prem will introduce you to Swasthya Yoga, a yoga system that deals with mind, body and soul.  A slow and easy type of yoga that is good for all types of people.  Meditation and relaxation are heavily focused. Come and give it a try!

YOGA/PILATES/STABILITY BALL - Ages 13+ (Northern Door)
This workout utilizes a variety of yoga/pilates-based poses incorporating resistance bands and light hand weights done using a stability ball to provide support in helping you improve balance and flexibility.  The stability ball is a great way to get extra support for moves that require endurance and flexibility and it also adds a balance challenge to some posts.

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