Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness with the Door County YMCA benefits organizations, employees, and families.  The Y supports and encourages healthy living within the community. Partnering with the YMCA through our Workplace Wellness Program is a great way for your company to ensure happy, healthy employees all year long.

The YMCA offers many rewards for companies and employees that get involved and it's easy to get started.

Why Workplace Wellness?
Check out what these articals have to say about the value of investing in the health of your company:
Corporate Wellness Programs: Are They a Wise Investment for Employers? Jeremy Sharp, Jan 21, 2011
What's the Hard Return On Employee Wellness Programs? Harvard Business Review; Dec 2010*
Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings  Health Affairs; 2010*
*Interested in more than the abstract? You can have access to the full text from your local library or ask Brenda Rosenstiel at the YMCA.

What can a Workplace Wellness Program provide?
Membership Benefits: The Y will match 50% of corporate contribution up to $10 per month. 
Employee Incentives: Employees can earn more rewards in the form of "Y Bucks" for being a regular user of the Y. Sixty Y visits during a 6-month period earns 60 "Y Bucks" to be redeemed for classes, personal coaching, and more. Visits reviewed and rewards assigned every June and December. All rewards must be redeemed over the following 6 months.
Free Engagement Programing: Who has time to come up with educational, fun, and creative ideas to keep employees motivated? WE DO! The Y has a full calendar of fun fliers, challenges, and programing to keep your employees interested. Just let us know you want to get involved and you can join in the fun. (Friendly competition between companies is encouraged!)
Financial Assistance: The Door County YMCA is committed to making Y participation affordable for everyone in our community. At the Y, no one is turned away regardless of age, income, or background. We recognize that for communities to succeed, everyone must be given the opportunity to be healthy, confident, connected, and secure and we gladly offer financial assistance to all in need. It's easy and confidentail to sign-up and with a sliding fee scale your membership rate and program fees are simply based upon your household size and household income.
Free Stanford Health and Lifestyle Online Assessment: Get great feedback about your current level of health. Just click on the link above, create your personal account and get started.
Free trial days throughout the year for all employees and their families.
Family friendly facilities: Drop-in child watch available during peak program times.
Member discounts on child watch, summer day camp, instructional classes, and sport leagues.
YMCA availability for one on-site wellness evaluation per year which can be customized.
Access to both Door County YMCA Program Centers
Opportunities for volunteerism and community involvement
Monthly employee usage reports availble if requested by employer

For more information contact Andrew Starr at the Door County YMCA at (920) 743-4949 or

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