Swim Team

DOLPHIN CLUB: Pre-Competitive Swim

A necessary introduction to the DCY Swim Team, Dolphin Club is designed for swimmers to get a taste of the commitment of the competitive experience,  skills, and fun that goes with being a part of the team! This is an amazing step to set both swimmers and coaches up for success! Dolphin Swim Club members are eligible and greatly encouraged to swim at all home meets with no meet fees assessed, however not away meets. Requirements to sign up are as  follows:  


  • Ages 5 and older  
  • Successful completion of Youth Swim levels 4 and 5  
  • Must be able to swim a 50-yard freestyle and backstroke with some  demonstrated stroke efficiency 
  • Any exceptions to these items will require a swimmer to be trialed by Dolphin Club staff please contact the Aquatics Director to set up.
DCY Swim Team: Competitive Swim

The DCY Swim Team program provides complete year-round swimming for all levels. The team has a strong history of excellence in Wisconsin and across the United States through high number state qualifiers/champions and multiple national-level athletes. The DCY Swim Team is designed to meet the needs of swimmers with a wide range of ages, experiences, and abilities. We emphasize great swimming technique, sportsmanship, character building,  through fun practice sessions. Requirements for new swimmers are as follows.  


  • Successful completion of at least one session of Dolphin Club  
  • Any exceptions to this will require the swimmer to be trialed by Coaching  Staff. Please contact the Aquatics Director to set up.  
  • Completion of the DCY Swim Team required information package  available at the front desk (a swimmer cannot come to practice without  this completed)  

Current swim team members and parents: view upcoming meet information, important announcements, and more by visiting the team website.