• Apparel - Proper attire must be worn at all times, including but not limited to shirts, athletic shorts or pants and athletic shoes. Sandals or flip-flops will not be allowed. Jeans are not allowed because buckles, rivets and zippers tear the upholstery. Y staff reserves the right, at their discretion, to ask any individual to remove objectionable or offensive attire for reasons not limited to but including items that conflict with the Y's mission or core values or is deemed threatening or violent in nature.
  • Cell phones, electronics and recording devices - any item capable of video or audio recording is not allowed to be utilized in any locker room for any purpose.  Unauthorized video or audio recordings of any individual on Y property without their knowledge is strictly prohibited.
  • Music - individuals listening to music via personal devices must use headphones or earbuds. External speakers cannot be used to amplify personal music.
  • Category Definitions
    • Youth - ages birth through high school
    • Young Adult - out of high school through age 29
    • Adult - one individual age 30-64
    • Household - two adults of any relationship status plus their dependents (as claimed on federal taxes through age 23).  
    • Senior - one individual age 65+ 
    • Senior Household - either one senior (age 65 or older) and one adult or two seniors of any relationship status plus their dependents through age 23.  
  • Category changes - your membership type can be changed at any time.  No additional fees are charged beyond the difference of the monthly membership rates of the respective categories.
  • Holds - memberships can be put "on hold" (minimum of one month and no maximum number of months) for $5/month.  No facility usage is available at any YMCA location during hold periods. Your membership will automatically restart at the end of your hold at the regular membership rate with no need to pay the joiner fee again.
  • Household add-ons - add additional, non-dependent adults at an additional $25/month per adult. Children visiting and staying in the household (up to a three-month maximum) can be added for $10/month per child.  Add-on individuals must reside at the same physical residence.
  • Monthly draft/annual-pay memberships -  if paying via automatic monthly draft via checking/savings account or debit/credit card, it will draft continuously until we receive notification from the Primary Unit Holder that they wish to discontinue their membership. There is no contract commitment, and the membership can be ended providing the Primary Unit Holder notifies the Y by the end of the month immediately preceding the month they wish for the change to take effect.  Payment information for monthly membership drafts is not able to be cancelled once the 1st of the month hits.  Annual Pay memberships, once paid for the year, cannot be refunded.
  • Photographs -  as a condition of membership, the Door County YMCA requires all members have a current picture on file attached to their membership record. Any adult who does not wish to have a picture on file will be required to produce a valid, government-issued photo ID - passport, state ID or driver's license - to gain access every time they enter any Door County YMCA facility.
  • Refunds - refunds for memberships are limited to the three most recent months following notification from the Primary Account Holder to the Y.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis through either branch's Membership Specialist or Membership Director. Medical documentation may be required in certain circumstances.
  • Returned payment fee - a returned payment fee of up to $30 may apply to returned payments that occur from a bank account or debit card if sufficient funds are not present on the day of your draft.


  • Age limits - program ages limits are adhered to in all cases. Any request for exceptions must be determined by the program director. Instructors are not allowed to make age limit exceptions.
  • Cancellations - program registrations are accepted through the first two weeks of the session. Late requests can be directed to the respective program director.
  • Drop-in fees - most classes allow individuals to drop-in on a per-class basis providing there are open spots on the roster. Contact the Welcome Center for current rates.
  • Holidays - no regular classes are held on holidays. Special classes may be available; see our mobile app or website for the most current information.
  • Payments - payments in full are required when registering. Alternatively, payments can be automatically scheduled via payment method stored on file (checking/savings account or debit/credit card) and must be paid in full by the end of the session.
  • Pro-rated fees - individuals registering after the start of the session can pay a reduced program fee based upon the number of weeks remaining.  Online registrations cannot receive pro-rated dues or discounts; please register with the Welcome Center in these situations.
  • Refunds - are not offered for missed classes unless cancelled due to lack of instructor. Any refunds/system credits will be issued once the session has completed.
  • Registration - registration for Y members begins the Monday of registration week with the general public registration beginning on Wednesday of registration week.
  • Sessions - six program sessions are offered through the year - Winter 1, Winter 2, Spring, Summer, Fall 1 and Fall 2. Sessions are typically eight weeks with an extended Summer Session (approximately 10-11 weeks).
  • Summer camps - click to view.
  • System credits - any system credits generated by cancelled classes or other reasons expire 18 months after they are first generated.
  • Weather - cancellations due to weather or other "Acts of God" will not receive refunds or credits for the missed class(es). In some cases, where time and space allows, a make-up class may be offered in place of a cancelled class.