Monthly Auto Pay

Monthly Auto Pay - the ultimate in convenience with no contract. Provide a checking or savings account or debit/credit card and your monthly fee will be deducted each month. When joining, you will pay the pro-rated current month and joiner fee. The membership will then run calendar-month-to-calendar-month with automatic payments starting the next month after joining. 


Please note:

  • Changes to your membership need to be communicated to the Y no later than the end of the month.
  • Go on hold during months that you're gone (or won't be using the Y) for a low $5/month fee and not re-pay the joiner fee. There's no minimum or maximum number of months for this option. Memberships that terminate will need to pay the applicable joiner fee when rejoining.
  • Up to a $35 returned payment fee may apply to returned payments that occur from a bank account or debit card if sufficient funds are not present on the day of your draft.


Youth Individual - birth through high school None $20.00
Young Adult Individual - age 18 (out of high school) through age 29 None $40.50
Adult Individual - age 30 through age 64 $50.00 $54.50
Household Two individuals age 18 or older and qualified child dependents (*see note below) $50.00 $80.50
Senior Individual - age 65 or older $50.00 $48.50
Senior Household Two individuals (at least one individual age 65 or older) and qualified child dependents (*see note below) $50.00 $72.00


* A "household" is defined by permanent residency/address as listed on a government ID and is limited to two individuals age 18 or older and their qualified dependent children as defined by the IRS (up to age 18 or through age 23 if in school full-time) as claimed on federal taxes.


Financial assistance for our monthly draft/annual pay memberships is available through our Membership For All (MFA) program.  Learn more here.